China is the cradle of Guo Family Eagle Claw Kung Fu.

Head of International Ying Shou Quan Association, Grandmaster Guo Xian He, is the continuer of the tradition of his father, Guo Cheng Yao, and initiated into the treasure of Ying Shou Quan both by his elder brother Grandmaster Guo Xian Ya and Grandmaster Li Bao Ying.

Grandmaster Guo Xian He belongs to the second generation of the family of King of Eagle, Chen Zi Zheng.



Greece consists the center of Guo Family Eagle Claw Kung Fu, outside China. It is the first country where Eagle Claw travelled when the personal and first foreign internal disciple of Grandmaster Guo Xian He, shifu Panagiotis Derventis, got the permission to teach the style abroad.

More specifically, in November 1997, Shifu Panagiotis Derventis established in Ilisia/Athens, with the assistance of his students and friends, the Head Club of the Eagle Claw Family in Greece, named “Kung Peng Wu Guan”, having as his main aim the cultivation of traditional Chinese Wushu and the propagation of Ying Shou Quan globally.

In 2005, shifu Derventis, found a new eagle claw school, this time in Papagos area, which today is under the supervision of his personal students, shifu Vangeli Mako and Gianni Drandaraki. Finally, in 2006, shifu Derventis opened another school of Guo Family in Piraeus, which today runs under his personal student, shifu Gianni Anastasiou.

In 2008, shifu Marios Seretis, also a personal student of Grandmaster Guo Xian He, came back from Spain where he taught Ying Shou Quan for many years and established a new club of Eagle Claw Kung Fu in Halandri/Athens, aiming as well at the development and spread of Ying Shou Quan.

For more information follow the links:

Kun Peng Wu Guan Gymnastics Association

46 Kraterou str. - Ilisia
Athens - Greece
tel: +30 210 7759306
Shifu Panagiotis Derventis

Association of Chinese Martial Arts - the Art of Eagle Claw

79 Aristophanous str. – Halandri
Athens - Greece
tel: +30 697 6827227
Shifu Marios Seretis

Alexander Gymnasium

58a Ethnikis Aminas – Papagou
Athens – Greece
tel: +30 210 6523346
Instructors Vaggelis Makos – Giannis Drandarakis

InterChina Cultural Association

107 Grigoriou Lampraki – Piraeus
tel: +30 6944513105
Instructor Yannis Anastasiou


Spain is a dynamic field of Guo family Eagle Claw Kung Fu as in 1998, Shifu Marios Seretis, personal student of Grandmaster Guo Xian He, established his first kung fu Club.

Today there are five clubs of Ying Shou Quan in Spain where personal students of Shifu Seretis teach our family’s style. Shifu Seretis remains the Head of Guo Style Eagle Claw Kung Fu in Spain, although he lives in Greece since 2008.

For more information follow the links:

Association Cultural de Artes Marciales Tradicionales Chinas Ying Zhao Men

C/ Marquesa de Montortal 47 – BJ
Carcaixent – Valencia
tel: +34619122950, 96-2429230
Instructor Guillem Camarasa

Club Deportivo de Artes Marciales Tradicionales Chinas "Ying Zhao Men"

Plaza Profesor López Ibor 16 Bajo 46015
Instructo Sergio Melo

Club Deportivo de Artes Marciales Chinas "Ying Shou Quan”

Av./ País Valencià 155 - 1º
Algemesi - Valencia
Instructor Salvador Hernández

Gimnasio Coliseum

C/ Cronista Burguera S/N
Sueca - Valencia
Instuctor Martí Furió

C/ la Malva, 3
Alcira - Valencia
Instructor José Antonio Ríos